March 17, 2023

Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates for 2023 – Plan Your Big Day Now!

Are you or anyone close to you planning to get married in the year 2023? If yes, you can feel an array of emotions—nervousness, anticipation, and excitement. The big day of yours or your loved ones should be beautiful and perfect in every way possible, and when you start your journey together, it is better to start by choosing a perfect wedding date. After all, it's not just a date; it's a new beginning.

Hindu weddings, since time immemorial, have believed in the power of getting married on auspicious dates. Read on to know the most auspicious dates for the wedding in 2023. So start your planning for the wedding by having all the auspicious dates in 2023!

Best Auspicious Wedding Dates in the Year 2023!

Wedding Dates in the Year 2023!

  1. January

January is the month of new beginnings, and starting a new phase in your life like getting married is one of the perfect things to do if you're planning to do the same later in the year. At this time of year, we experience extreme cold, but the beauty of January is something that you can count on. As it is the beginning of the new year, you can plan a honeymoon in your favourite or dream spot with offers and discounts.  

Sr. Auspicious Wedding Date Subh Muhurat Wedding Day
1 15 Jan Sunday
2 18 Jan Wednesday
3 26 Jan Thursday
4 27 Jan Friday
5 30 Jan Monday

  1. February

February is one of the most popular months for getting married, as it is known as the "month of love." It is considered the shortest and most romantic month in a year, and 2023 is not an exception. When it comes to weather conditions, it has a moderate climate, which will definitely help in all your preparations. You can have a winter-like wedding without experiencing biting cold weather.

Sr. Auspicious Wedding Date Subh Muhurat Wedding Day
1 06 Feb Monday
2 09 Feb Thursday
3 12 Feb Sunday
4 14 Feb Tuesday
5 23 Feb Thursday
6 27 Feb Monday

  1. March

If you're a spring lover, March is the best month for you. As it is the start of the year, you will definitely have wedding vendors on your mind. The month of March offers the best climate that any person can tolerate. Since there is no threat of rain, it is an ideal time for wedding shopping and travel. The auspicious dates that you can find in this month are

Sr. Auspicious Wedding Dates Subh Muhurat Wedding Day
1 6 March Monday
2 9 March Thursday
3 11 March Saturday
4 13 March Monday

  1. April

March, April, and May are the months of spring, so these months are the most beautiful months throughout the year. If you are interested in having an outdoor wedding, April is the most suitable month. But unfortunately, in 2023, there are no auspicious dates. Another advantage of planning in the month of April is that it is a month of vacation, so the guests can attend the weddings without many hassles. 

  1. May

The month of May is named after the Greek goddess Maia. This is also the month known for success and love. So if you are eager to get married this year, the month of May has to be your top priority. There are several reasons why getting married in May is a blessing, including the lovely weather and the availability of vendors throughout the year. The auspicious wedding dates that are available in the month of May are 

Sr. Auspicious Wedding Dates  Subh Muhurat Wedding Day
1 2 May Tuesday
2 6 May Saturday
3 9 May Tuesday
4 10 May Wednesday
5 16 May Tuesday
6 20 May Saturday
7 21 May Sunday
8 22 May Monday
9 26 May Monday
10 30 May Tuesday

  1. June

Who would not like to get hitched in the month of weddings? June, a month in the year, is known as the month of weddings due to its beauty and charm. There is also a belief that if you get married in this month, you will become a lucky couple for a lifetime. Another significant feature of this month is that it is dedicated to Juno, the Roman goddess of fertility and marriage. Here are some of the auspicious dates in June to tie the knot. 

Sr.  Auspicious wedding dates Subh Muhurat Wedding Day
1 1 June Thursday
2 3 June Saturday
3 5 June Monday
4 7 June Wednesday
5 12 June Monday
6 26 June Monday

  1. July - October 

June is the last month that you can find auspicious Hindu wedding dates in the year. Then, until the month of October, there are no dates. In these four months, you will have the opportunity to plan weddings or bond well with the family.   

  1. November

November, the second last month of the year, has four auspicious dates to get married. It is one of the busiest months in a year, but the ideal weather conditions for mehendi, sangeet, and engagement parties make this month one of the most welcoming months for weddings in a year. Like the beauty you can find in this month, you can also make your nuptials beautiful and charming with an auspicious date.  

Sr.  Auspicious Wedding Dates Shubh Muhurat wedding Day
1 23 November Thursday
2 27 November Monday
3 28 November Tuesday
4 29 November Wednesday

  1. December

December is the last month of the year, and there are a couple of reasons why getting married later in the year is more interesting. December is the season of Christmas, and the climatic conditions would also be ideal for getting a handful of beautiful pictures. You can get a lot of time to spend with your loved ones because it is the holidays for almost everyone.  

Sr.  Auspicious Wedding Dates Shubh Muhurat wedding Day
1 6 December Wednesday
2 7 December Thursday
3 9 December Saturday
4 15 December Friday

Celebrate Your Love on a Blessed Date!

Celebrate Your Love on a Blessed Date

Everyone wishes to have a wedding that is flawless and charming, and paying attention to even the minute details is important and crucial to making each wedding beautiful and creating a bond that lasts longer. A wedding should have an auspicious date to bring you all the luck you need to bond for a lifetime relationship with your partner. The 2023 wedding season is waiting for us, so keep your eyes on all the latest trends, inspirations, and ideas to make the wedding a blast. 

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