February 9, 2021

Marriage Horoscope by Date of Birth

Every person in this world possesses distinct characteristics. But there are some traits that are similar, that can be classified into nine types as per numerology. Below you will find an individual’s preferences when it comes to their wedding. While some of them are emotional, some prioritise on external beauty and some are just practical. All these things are decided by your date of birth. This is much more complex than merely dividing the entire world into nine types of people, but it’s not feasible to describe each and every date. Once you know about astrology, you can analyse yourself from the date you are born on. An individual’s characteristics depend on the name number, psychic number, destiny number, month of birth, year of birth and zodiac.

  • If your date of birth falls on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th then you are a number 1
  • If your date of birth falls on 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th then you are a number 2
  • If your date of birth falls on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, then you are a number 3
  • If your date of birth falls on 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st then you are a number 4
  • If your date of birth falls on 5th, 14th or 23rd then you are a number 5
  • If your date of birth falls on 6th, 15th or 24th then you are a number 6
  • If your date of birth falls on 7th, 16th or 25th then you are a number 7
  • If your date of birth falls on 8th, 17th or 26th then you are a number 8
  • If your date of birth falls on 9th, 18th or 27th then you are a number 9

Number 1

Individuals who are a number 1 are leaders and they love to lead in everything. Based on numerology science, number 1 people try to rule over their spouse and always wish to have the last say in every matter. Most of it depends on their zodiac sign, but often they can’t be compelled to do something that they aren’t ready to do. Also, these individuals won’t give up when in love. In all likelihood, they will get wedded to their childhood beloved. Added to that number 1 people don’t compromise and feel like they possess some extraordinary qualities and owing to that they’ll fall for extraordinary people. Also they are more practical people than being very emotional and like beauty as they possess a much-refined taste. They might remain unmarried for long but won’t settle down just with any person. They are creative and experimenting is their thing. Number 1 people are committed and they can expect their spouse to be loyal.

Number 2

Individuals who are a number 2 are moody, sensual and sensitive. It’s invariably about the mental connection with their partners, for them. They give more importance to emotional connection and have tremendous imagination power. For number 2 people they often experience extreme mood swings and owing to that its essential for their spouse to have a stable mind. Given that they have a good understanding with their partners, they’ll only be satisfied in their marriage. When it comes to their marriage, they always follow their heart. Also they won’t easily part ways after getting attached to someone.

Number 3

They resemble individuals who are a number 1 when it comes to the wedding. But unlike number 2 individuals they don’t follow their heart and are practical while choosing their life partner. Also, they are ambitious and bold. They are very self-obsessed in nature and curate their own laws. Number 3 individuals typically want to get hitched to the best. And in contrast to the numbers 2, 7, 8, and 6 they are not much romantic. Added to that they don’t believe in spending time with their spouse, they prioritise their career. Number 3 individuals strive to prove their supremacy in every field. For them, marital relationships will be good if their partner agrees that she will be the second-best. All these traits are not evident and the partners of number 3 individuals realise it only they start to spend time with each other.

Number 4

Each of the number 4 individuals has something unique regarding them. And according to Astrology, they are not generally romantic in nature. A small percentage of number 4 individuals are much loyal and let their spouse dominate them. Particularly those who have a birth date of 22nd are often loyal with their spouse. They will be very dedicated to their marital relationship. Number 4 individuals are short-tempered and are unlucky when it comes to their wedding so they should be careful while tying the knot.

Number 5

Number 5 individuals are characterised by their impulsive nature and they require a stable life partner similar to individuals who are a number 2. For them, number 8 individuals make for a good match. Added to that number 5 individuals don’t get carried away in love and take practical decisions when it comes to their wedding. Number 5 people are versatile, love entertainment, change and experimenting is their thing. One thing to be noted is that they often change their minds as their minds work very fast.

Number 6

Six is the number of the planet of solar system- Venus. It is the planet of peace and love. Individuals who are number 6 are magnetic and charming when it comes to love. According to Astrology, they are much manipulative and it’s essential to be emotionally and mentally connected in their marriage. For them, emotional connection is more valuable just like number 2 individuals.

Number 7

Individuals who are a number 7 generally are not talkative since they are thoughtful and dreamy. But it doesn’t imply that they aren’t romantic or cold. The number seven symbolises Ketu that possesses some qualities like that of number 2 individuals and that’s why they get along well with individuals who are a number 2. But individuals who are a number 7 are dreamy and keep imagining what they need in life. Also, it’s essential for them to be connected emotionally with their life partners in marriage just as number 2 individuals. In their marital life, any petty issue can turn big in their mind owing to their over analysing nature. So they need to communicate with their spouse often to clear any misunderstandings.

Number 8

They are much emotional, but even still they are strong. Women who are a number 8 suffer in their marital life. Owing to that they should strictly match their horoscope before getting hitched. And number 8 women take a lot of time to get attached to their life partner but once they do so, they will follow their spouse blindly. Individuals who are a number 8 often get drawn to individuals who are a number 8 and 4 since they share perfect compatibility with those individuals. But a number 8 individual should never get married to another number 8 individual as these numbers bring struggle.

Number 9

Nine stands for the solar planet Mars, and it is a destructive planet. Likewise, individuals who are number 9 are full of energy and aggression. They are emotional but no one can see that side of them hardly. They are also emotional regarding their spouse and are attached to their families.

Therefore to finalize a wedding, the marriage horoscope has a very important role and is regarded as the important and key step in planning prior to a wedding between the bride and groom.

January 29, 2021

Hindu Marriage Date in 2021

Do you know what’s more tricky than sealing the deal? It is picking a marriage date which both the parties are willing to put a stamp on. With both parties coming together, comes different beliefs, different cultures and for both the parties, picking a Hindu marriage date is often a highly emotional, one-time decision. Below is an ultimate guide to Hindu marriage date in 2021 that will help kick start your wedding preparations.

With scores of weddings being postponed to 2021, this year seems to be an eventful year regardless of the marriage dates in 2021.  Therefore, if you do have 2021 in your mind, then the below guide to Hindu marriage dates in 2021 is your cue to start chalking out your wedding through choosing your dream dates as soon as possible.

Marriage Dates in February 2021

Wish to get hitched on the month of love? February, being the official month of love, sees a lot of weddings every year, owing to the perfect weather conditions where it’s neither very cold nor too hot and of course, valentine’s day. What’s more, in 2021 you have an auspicious Hindu marriage date in 2021, on February 14th!

Marriage Date in 2021 Day of the Week 
1 February 2021Monday
7 February 2021Sunday
8 February 2021Monday
14 February 2021Sunday
15 February 2021Monday
16 February 2021Tuesday
21 February 2021Sunday
22 February 2021Monday
28 February 2021Sunday

Marriage Dates in March 2021

March 2021 is ideal for celebrating your summer wedding and perfect if you’re looking to plan your summer wedding with meticulous details. With great weather conditions, March sees only a few marriage dates in 2021 which you can pick and fix your date of the wedding.

Marriage Date in 2021Day of the Week
3 March 2021Wednesday
5 March 2021Friday
8 March 2021Monday
14 March 2021Sunday

Marriage Dates in April 2021

April is blessed with scores of best Hindu marriage dates in 2021. 

Spring is the perfect season to host a day-time wedding. Everything around you is in full bloom and even the breeze has a lasting essence of the past cooler season. For your magical wedding photos, nature in its full swing acts as the perfect catalyst!s

Marriage Date in 2021Day of the Week
16 April 2021Friday
17 April 2021Saturday
22 April 2021Thursday 
24 April 2021Saturday
25 April 2021Sunday
26 April 2021Monday
27 April 2021Tuesday
28 April 2021Wednesday
29 April 2021Thursday
30 April 2021Friday

Marriage Dates in May 2021

Still left with plenty of time to fix your marriage date? Even if you have plenty of time left, it’s wise to begin planning your big day as May is completely packed with 17 best marriage date in 2021, and most of them fall on weekends! Having tremendous demand to get hitched in May, it might be hard to book your most-favoured wedding vendors, and owing to that just begin planning everything ahead of time so that you won’t have to compromise on anything afterwards.

With whopping auspicious dates in this month, it’s wise to start planning immediately if you’re thinking of getting married in May 2021. But be mindful that while planning your wedding during this bustling season, make certain you book your wedding vendors well ahead of time.

Marriage Date in 2021Day of the Week
1 May 2021Saturday
2 May 2021Sunday 
3 May 2021Monday
7 May 2021Friday
8 May 2021Saturday
9 May 2021Sunday
13 May 2021Thursday
14 May 2021Friday
21 May 2021Friday
22 May 2021Saturday
23 May 2021Sunday
24 May 2021Monday
26 May 2021Wednesday
27 May 2021Thursday
28 May 2021Friday
29 May 2021Saturday
30 May 2021Sunday

Marriage Date in June 2021

June sees more than ten marriage dates in 2021, making it an absolute reason to celebrate. Having 11 best Hindu marriage dates, this is one of the best months to get hitched if you don’t wish to have a full-scale monsoon wedding and if you are on a tight budget. Expect a good availability of vendors. The thunderous sky and the smell of mud in the air call for a serene wedding.

Marriage Date in 2021Day of the Week
3 June 2021Thursday
4 June 2021Friday
5 June 2021Saturday
16 June 2021Wednesday
19 June 2021Saturday
20 June 2021Sunday
21 June 2021Monday
22 June 2021Tuesday
23 June 2021Wednesday
24 June 2021Thursday
30 June 2021Wednesday

Marriage Date in July 2021

If you love rain and can’t wait to get hitched to your better half in the monsoon season, then July can be the best month to set the deal. July being the month prior to the long break, has 6 auspicious wedding dates. Whether you have a checklist in place for Indoor venues with limited guests, then July has got some wedding dates that will be easier to decide as the demand in July is less when compared to the earlier months. With limited wedding dates and limited demand, pick your date wisely.August, September, October 2021

Marriage Date in 2021Day of the Week
1 July 2021Thursday
2 July 2021Friday
7 July 2021Wednesday
13 July 2021Tuesday
15 July 2021Thursday
16 July 2021Friday

August, September, October 2021

In these best three months of the year, there are no Hindu marriage muhurat dates. But still, in these months, you can even go for a non-ritualistic wedding or even a court marriage. A lot of couples prefer to get legally married first and then prefer to celebrate afterwards, so August, September and October can be best for those celebrations. With less demand, wedding vendors will be easily available.

A wedding during the off-season is comparatively light on the pocket plus the venues are easily available(which is otherwise a hard prospect to deal with). During the off-season, wedding vendors will be more than happy to welcome business, and owing to that you can hop in for an easy-breezy wedding experience.

Marriage Date in November 2021

Where the wedding season has started again, November 2021 brings seven auspicious dates for those who are looking to be forever! When you lock this wedding month, you can enjoy your wedding celebrations to the fullest. With limited marriage dates in this month, if you’re keen to settle for November, then begin your wedding planning while you are quarantined at your home. Weddings in this month are fuss-free than the full-bloom winter season.

Marriage Date in 2021Day of the Week
15 November 2021Monday
16 November 2021Tuesday
20 November 2021Saturday
21 November 2021Sunday
28 November 2021Sunday
29 November 2021Monday
30 November 2021Tuesday

Marriage Date in December 2021

December is everyone’s favourite. Over the past few years, this month has seen the most number of Hindu weddings than any other months. Likewise in 2021, December sees a few auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021 to grab on.

Marriage Date in 2021Day of the Week
1 December 2021Wednesday
2 December 2021Thursday
6 December 2021Monday
7 December 2021Tuesday
8 December 2021Wednesday
11 December 2021Saturday
13 December 2021Monday

Significance of Marriage Date For Hindu Weddings

Oftentimes, a lot of them fix the marriage date merely by considering the auspicious day and during this modern era, some of them decide the marriage date all by themselves. But be mindful that even a small mistake can influence the whole life of the groom and bride.

According to Hindu Mythology, when you do something on auspicious planetary positions, i.e., nakshatra, it can have a positive effect on the outcome. Which means good stars can enhance the quality of your marital life and lessen the frequency of dispute with your husband/wife.

Make sure that the wedding date doesn’t fall on Tuesday, as the day is regarded inauspicious to perform a Hindu wedding ceremony. Also, Chaturdashi, Navami and Chathurthi as anything commenced on any of these days turn out to be an immense failure.

Getting an idea of an auspicious Hindu marriage date in 2021 in advance is a great idea. You may know the kind of wedding outfit or jewellery that you will be wearing, but unless you have the best Hindu marriage date in 2021 ready, you really can’t commit to anything.

But once you take a glance through these most favourable days, it becomes an easy task to book the wedding vendors, such as the venues, photographers, caterers, decorators and set a comprehensive timeline for your wedding day. Bookmark this handy guide and let the wedding planning begin! With January 2021 already in its full swing, make the most of this time to chalk out the wedding of your dreams.

January 22, 2021

Comprehensive Guide to Hindu Marriage Act 1955

An act enacted in the year 1955 by the Parliament of India, the Hindu marriage act allows an already solemnised marriage to be registered. But this act doesn’t allow solemnisation of a marriage by a marriage officer.

In the year 2006, the supreme court of India made it compulsory to register all marriages. This act was enacted to secure the rights of marriage for husband and wife who are Hindu by religion. Since there are a lot of ways by which a man and woman can conduct this religious act, the Hindu marriage act doesn’t specify the types of the ceremony which should be performed. Once a man and woman are married, the registration of marriage needs to be conducted properly, and if any issue arises between the man and woman and they need a divorce, then they can carry out the divorce procedure. Added to that, even after divorce if they wish to get remarried then by this act, the process for the same can be understood.

Applicability of Hindu Marriage Act

 This act is applicable to the following group of people:

  • Any individual who is a Hindu, including a Lingayat, a Virashaiva, or a person who follows Arya samaj, Prarthana or Brahmo. 
  • Any individual who is a Sikh, Buddhist or Jain.
  • Any individual who lives in regions where the Hindu marriage act is applicable, but should not be a Christian, Muslim, Jew or Parsi.
  • Any individual whose parents are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or Jains.
  • Any individual whose parents are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or Jains and is raised as a member of a group/family/community/tribe to which their parents belong. 
  • Any person who is either converted or reconverted to any of the religions such as Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Jain. 
  • The Hindu Marriage act extends to all the states of India, except for Jammu and Kashmir.


Section 5 of this act specifies some conditions which need to be fulfilled for marriage, such as:

  • Neither party should have a spouse living before or at the time of marriage. 
  • At the time of marriage, neither party should be subjected to any mental disorder to the extent that he/she is not fit for marriage and procreation, even though capable of giving valid consent. 
  • Neither party, even though incapable of providing a valid consent to marriage in consequence of unsound mind. 
  • The bride is above 18 years of age and the groom has completed 21 years of age at the time of marriage. 
  • If the couple is within a degree of prohibited relationship, it can be then regarded as void.
  • For marriage, the couple shouldn’t be sapindas(Two individuals would be sapindas if they have a common ancestor) of each other, except if any customs that govern them allow marriage between the two. 
  • The act is also applicable to a Hindu who is an NRI if he/she is a Hindu domiciled in India.

If all these conditions are fulfilled, then we can regard the marriage as a valid marriage. 

If all these conditions are not fulfilled, then the marriage can be regarded as voidable or void marriage.

Grounds of void marriage

  • At the time of marriage, neither individuals should have a spouse living. This is also known as bigamy. 
  • Neither individual should be within the degree of prohibited relationship. 
  • The individuals should not be the sapindas of each other.

Provisions of Marriage Registration

Section 8 of this act specifies the provisions of marriage registration. A few of the provisions are:

  • If a ceremony is not performed, then the marriage can’t be registered.
  • If both the individuals are not living together as husband and wife, then the marriage can’t be registered. 
  • Within 30 days after the marriage ceremony, the individuals need to submit an application to the marriage officer of the district for the purpose of registration. The written evidence of the marriage is registration. 
  • This act has allowed the state government to devise rules for registration, especially for the state only.

Registration Under the Hindu Marriage Act

The act is applicable in cases where both the parties are Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists/Jains or have converted to any of these religions. Below is a step-by-step marriage registration process to be followed by the parties:

  • Apply to the sub-registrar under whose authority the marriage has been solemnised or any of the individuals have been living. 
  • Both the parties need to fill in the application form, add signatures, and submit it with the following documents to prove that they are married under this act. 
  1. Affidavit of Executive magistrate/notary
  2. Age and address proof of the individuals
  3. Photographs of the ceremony featuring the bride and groom.
  4. Wedding invitation 
  5. Proof of non-relationship between the individuals within the degree of prohibition. 
  • All of these documents need to be attested by a Gazetted officer.
  • Three witnesses to sign in the register at the marriage registrar’s office is also required.
  • The individuals need to pay a fee to the cashier at the sub-registrar office and fasten the receipt to the application form. 
  • The concerned officer will provide a date of registration when the marriage certificate will be issued. 

Unless and until the below-mentioned conditions are fulfilled, a marriage can’t be registered:

  • A marriage ceremony has been performed
  • The individuals have been living together as husband and wife. 

Besides, either one of the individuals should have been living within the district of the marriage for a time period of not below 30 days immediately before the date on which the application is made for registration.

Degree of Prohibited Relationship

The parties are said to be covered under the degree of prohibited relationship if:

  • Either of the parties is the lineal ascendant of the other.
  • One of the individuals was the wife or husband of the lineal ascendant of the other individual. 
  • One of the individuals was the wife or husband of descendant of the other.
  • Or if the parties are brother and sister, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, or children of two brothers or two sisters or children of brother and sister. 

A marriage under any of the above categories will be regarded as a void marriage.

But there’s an exception here. Hindu customs here play a crucial role. If there exists a custom which governs the individuals, then they can marry. 

A marriage solemnised between individuals covered under the degrees of prohibited relationship is regarded as void and null. The individuals of a void marriage are liable to pay Rs 10000 as fine or be punished with imprisonment for a month.

Section 7 of Hindu Marriage Act

This section further elucidates the ceremonies of marriage that the parties should follow to consider the marriage as complete and binding. A marriage is solemnised according to the customary ceremonies and rites of either individuals. 

Where such customary ceremonies and rites include the Saptapadi(seven steps taken by the bride and groom around the ceremonial fire), when both the individuals take the seventh step, the marriage becomes complete and binding.

It is mandatory to register every Hindu marriage even though it is duly performed through proper customs.

Difference Between the Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act

Both of the acts enacted by the Parliament of India are well established civil laws that concern the legalities and issue of marriage. Sometimes the scope and applicability of both the acts are vague. 

The Hindu Marriage Act(HMA) applies to all Hindus and offshoots such as Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. Whereas the special marriage act(SMA) deals with inter-religion and inter-caste marriages and applies to marriages among all major religions in India. The HMA applies to any individual who is a permanent resident of India, whereas the SMA applies to Indian citizens and Indian nationals abroad.

The HMA recognises the customs and ceremonies of a Hindu marriage. Thus the marriage can be solemnised according to the customary ceremonies and rites of either individual. But different dominions of the Hindu religion have various customs that may be conducted to solemnise the wedding. Added to that, the state government may create rules for the registration of Hindu marriages as specified in the Hindu marriage register. This registration is for a reason for facilitating proof of marriage. 

On the other hand, under SMA, if the individuals are ready to marry each other, it will do. There, neither the religion nor caste can obstruct their union in any way. The individuals have to file a notice conveying their intention to marry each other with the marriage registrar of the district where any of the individuals has lived for a minimum of thirty days before the date on which that notice is filed. After the expiry of thirty days from the date in which that notice is published, the marriage is said to be solemnised. 

There was a dire need to have certain legal remedies which can protect the rights of a wife and husband. The act enacted by the Parliament of India in 1955 amends and codified the duties and rights of Hindu couples. Thus the enactment of the Hindu marriage act is responsible for uniformity of law between all Hindu couples.