July 3, 2021

Best Wedding Venues in Kerala

Kerala is world-famous for its geography and climate. Its geographical feature is rich with 3 different types of regions. Highlands, Middle lands, and the coastal lines.

The highlands consist of slopes from the Western Ghats with the beautiful hills, valleys, and rich forest reserves and the Middle lands with lots of agricultural farmlands which holds the major food source and finally the 580 km of unrestricted Coastline, interspersed with numerous beautiful lakes, canals, and rivers.

Surrounded by the western Arabian Sea, the eastern and western Ghats, and 44 interconnected rivers, Kerala has unique geographical features, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

For Kerala, the asset is their landscape. The moderate climate and better living conditions set Kerala apart from other states in India. Also, the richness of different seasons is providing the real part of tourism attractions.

The abundance of geographical features of the state contributed to the associated diversity in the climate. The highlands have a cool, revitalizing climate throughout the year, while the plains and coastal areas are hot and humid. Generally, Kerala has a tropical climate.

This extraordinary feature became the reason behind the attractive wedding venues in Kerala.

Why has Kerala become one of the attractive destinations for weddings?

Kerala is the perfect place for your destination wedding. The landscape of Kerala is rich with serene beaches, beautiful lakes, and stunning hill stations. When you celebrate each other’s love in the lap of nature, you will fall in love with your partner again. Your guests will have a great time with delicious seafood, exciting activities, and relaxing resorts.

There is every possibility that Kerala will soon become one of the most beloved wedding destinations in the world. Kerala’s rich cultural heritage has been attracting foreign wedding travelers from all over the world for years. Kerala has a lot to see and experience for a destination wedding traveler – white sands, beautiful beaches to glittering lakes, high mountain ranges, and other tropical habitats, and so on!

Everyone thinks of Kerala as a natural choice for a destination wedding because of the inherent beauty. Destination wedding travelers are looking for Kerala to choose another place to celebrate peacefully from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life.

A destination wedding is a combination of an exciting and fun holiday and a wedding celebration. Usually, destination weddings take place in cultural places such as palaces and forts. Family members and close relatives from around the world are invited to attend. Kerala has many foreign destinations for weddings, mainly in Kochi, Alappuzha, and Thiruvananthapuram. These destination weddings in Kerala have the sheer grandeur of a luxury ceremony with special benefits to be seen in Kerala.

Where do you want to celebrate your wedding? Let us take a look at the best wedding venues in Kerala.

1. Kumarakom Lake Resort

Situated on the banks of serene backwaters, Kumarakom lake resort gives us a stunning feel of spending time with family, relatives, and friends. This Lake Resort is a 5 star and the nearest airport is Cochin International Airport and is situated nearly 50km from the resort. 

Each heritage villa in the resort is transplanted from its original location to the resort complex. It has four dormitory venues, a banquet hall, 57 rooms, and villas. You can book the resort in full to host your wedding.

2. The Leela, Kovalam

This is a classy extraordinary relaxing on a hillside, with excellent hospitality, marvelous accommodation, and exquisite dining. A beach wedding? A cliff-top wedding party? Leela offers you more reasons and memories to make your day better, the way you deserve it.

It is proposed to be the largest convention center in Kerala, ideal for hosting traditional weddings, and can accommodate up to 900 guests.

3. Le Meridien, Kochi

One of the best wedding destinations in Ernakulam district and is situated at the edge of Cochin city. Wedding photography in Kochi indicates that Le Meridian has a very blissful affair. Its classy and elegant outlook makes it one of the favorites among wedding destinations.

The hotel has a capacity of 223 guests, including royal rooms, conference, and banquet halls. Notable features of this Kerala wedding venue include well-organized staff, first-class service, and an eye-soothing view of the serene backwaters.

4. Vythiri Village Resort, Wayanad

Vythiri Village Resort in Wayanad is one of the best luxury spa resorts in Wayanad, Kerala. It is located on 20 acres and includes deluxe rooms and luxury villas. Surrounded by lush and attractive greenery, this resort surrounded by boundless serenity and luxury will provide a beautiful venue for your wedding ceremonies.

The resort has the capacity to host 1500 guests at the venue, which can cater to the needs of each guest individually and turn it into a smooth event with constant transitions.

5. Poovar Island Resort, Thiruvananthapuram

Poovar Island Resort in Thiruvananthapuram is one of the island wedding destinations in Kerala. Travel to the island in a houseboat and it’s a wonderful wedding place, not far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can also choose floating cottages and land cottages to stay at the charming Kerala Ayurveda Resort and enjoy a boat ride on the calm backwaters. The serene sea breeze, coconut palms, and golden sands around the venue add a romantic touch to your special day.

6. The Raviz Resort and Spa, Kollam

Ravis Kollam is located on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake. It is one of the traditional wedding venues highlighting the heritage of Kerala. If you are planning a five-star wedding celebration then Raviz Ashtamudi is a perfect choice. Situated on a hillock gently sloping towards the Arabian Sea, Raviz is the splendor and pride of Ashtamudi. 

All homes are built around sustainable models of products and services. Services are the best in class and comfort makes Raviz one of the wonderful wedding destinations in Kerala.

7. Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey

Lake Palace Resort Ayurvedic Resort is located on a comfortable shore on the Vembanad Lake in Alappuzha. Since its inception over a decade ago, it has become one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. To experience the beauty of the Alappuzha backwaters, your search for a typical vacation destination ends at the Lake Palace Resort.

You can enjoy a great meal with nature prepared with utmost care and served by individual butlers. Our unique arrangement provides an incredible atmosphere and the serene nature of the cascading lakes around your dining area.

8. The Lalit Resort and Spa, Kasaragod

Spread over an area of ​​26 acres in the Kasaragod district,  Lalit Resort & Spa is the definition of completeness. This 5-star resort is located at Uduma which needs a 90-minute drive from Mangalore International Airport to reach.

There are 39 beautiful suites with Jacuzzi and other amenities. There is a beachfront lawn suitable for a wedding reception, which can accommodate 1,000 people. The resort also has a festival banquet hall that can accommodate up to 200 people at a time.

9. Crowne Plaza, Kochi

It is located amidst the charming surroundings that encompass the fascinating attractions of the city. The hotel is blessed with excellent accommodation in the presence of fully equipped rooms and suites. This five-star property not only has accommodation facilities but also the hotel’s spacious surroundings make suitable arrangements for wedding events.

The hotel features well-appointed and modern banquet halls. These rooms are great places to organize your wedding because they have all the amenities you need.

10. Taj Bekal

Taj Bekal is a 5-star beach resort located in Bekal, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is spread over an area of 26 acres where the calm of the lake and the beauty of the Arabian Sea come together.

No matter how grand or intimate your favorite celebration is, Taj Bekal Resort & Spa offers you a bespoke location and we assure you and your guests that they will enjoy their stay and their experience at the hotel.

There are only a few lists of destination wedding locations across Kerala, but apart from this list the wedding sites are wide and you can select them with your best choices.

April 16, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Nikah

In India, the soul of a strong society lies in the establishment of families. Or we can call a family the basic unit of society. In such social life among the human, the importance of the establishment of family through marriage is always primary.

Marriage is a matrimonial relationship and an institution in Islam that legalizes sexual acts between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation of children, promotion of love, mutual support, and the establishment of families, which are considered integral units in society. So read here everything you need to know about Nikah.

Like Hinduism, Islam is a heavy proponent of marriage. However, the Muslim view of marriage differs from the Hindu view, which views marriage as a sacrament rather than a civil contract. Marriage in Islam, according to many philosophers, is a moral obligation. All must marry in order to legally fulfill their desire to have children.

Muslim wedding celebrations last for several days, in which the bride is the real protagonist of the event. Muslim weddings include brightly colored rooms, fresh flowers to honor future couples, and plenty of traditions.

Nikah Nama is a written document that two Muslim partners entering a civil union must sign to legalize their marriage. Under the Muslim Family Law Ordinance of 1961, this is the legal proof and clarifies the rights and obligations recognized by the bride and groom.

There are certain things that are fundamental to every Muslim marriage. Marriages must be declared publicly. Never take them secretly. This wedding ceremony is usually a big party or a party where the couple publicly declares that they are married and worthy of each other.

Traditionally, the Nikah Ceremony often takes place in a mosque, with the mosque leader or imam officiating. Most couples set aside time for a wedding and invite family and friends to attend. In the Islamic tradition, nikah should be as simple as possible so as not to impose financial obligations on the couple.

The marriage contract must be attested by the groom and his guardian, Wali. Wali utters a few words dedicated to the couple in the act of reading the religious scriptures, as is the case with weddings in all religions. The Holy Qur’an is the most important book for ceremonies and prayers. In it, you can see each of the terms and definitions of marriage.

Registration of Marriage under the Law of Islam

Nikahnama is a legal document of Muslim marriages that contains the essential conditions/details of marriage. It is mandatory to register a Muslim marriage as it is considered a civil contract. According to Section 3 of the Muslim Marriage Registration Act, 1981 – “Every marriage entered into between Muslims after the commencement of this Act shall be registered within thirty days after the completion of the Nikah ceremony.”

A Nikahnama contains:

  • Place of marriage (with sufficient particulars)
  • Full name of the bridegroom
  • Age
  • Address
  • Full name of bridegroom’s father
  • Whether the father is alive or dead
  • Civil condition of the bridegroom at the time of marriage (Unmarried, Widower, Divorced, Married, and if so, how many wives are alive)
  • According to whether the Nikah was done in person by the bridegroom or by his Vakil or Guardian, the bridegroom’s signature or thumb impression is needed.
  • Nikah-full Khan’s full name (that is the person conducting the Nikah Ceremony.)
  • Signature of the Nikah-Khan
  • Name of witnesses with residence and address


Mehr is an official document that specifies the amount of money the groom pays to the bride who enters into a marriage contract. The two-part Mehr includes a prompt payment before the wedding and the amount set aside for the bride throughout her life. Since the groom shows the ring during the wedding, many couples now use it as a cue.

Money can sometimes be just a formality, or it can be real money, land, jewelry, or education given to the bride. If the marriage is not dissolved before the wedding, the gift is entitled to be used as the bride wishes. Mehr is considered the security of the bride and the guarantee of freedom within the marriage.


The marriage contract is signed at the marriage ceremony. In it, the groom or his representative presents the details of the mehr to the bride in front of at least two witnesses. The bride and groom repeat the word qubool hai (“I agree” in Arabic) three times to express their free will.

The terms of the contract are agreed upon by the couple and signed at their ceremony in front of the guests. The Imam delivers a short speech, which is read from the Qur’an. With that, the couple is officially declared married.

Arsi Mushaf is the first time the bride and groom see each other as husband and wife during an Indian Muslim wedding. They are separating with a mirror and place the Holy Qur’an in the middle of it. At this time, according to Indian traditions, the couple can exchange garlands.

Savaqah is the last part of the Nika ceremony. As the couple leaves the church, guests give the bride coins and greet her.


Marriage is a contract of life in any religion or caste. The concept of marriage is to live happily and peacefully for the rest of one’s life and to maintain the status of a family. Each person enters into marriage with mutual love and trust. Those who maintain it forever are the ones who succeed in life and become a guide to others.

The Muslim newlyweds, who enter into life accompanied by rituals and practices, follow the great verses of the Qur’an and the guidelines for moving forward in life and move forward with the goodness of mind without doing evil with the fear of God itself.

March 30, 2021

Arranged Marriage: 12 Key Factors You Should Consider Before Meeting Prospects

What is essential in an arranged marriage to succeed? Marriages, where the spouses are selected for each other, by their parents or other relatives, are common in our culture. And it’s not as though you’ve given up on love, or you just can’t find love all by yourself and now what you require is some pitch in from your parents and friends. This doesn’t make you uncool- you should have an idea of what you are precisely looking for in a life partner, the qualities, expectations, and then you dive in. 

A lot of people who got into an arranged marriage married without thinking twice. It can be due to the circumstances that they have failed to find anyone suitable, so that leaves everything in the hands of their parents or as their parents are fastidious about choosing a life partner for their children on their own. No matter what, an arranged marital union is quite transparent in India.

Even still, a marriage planned and agreed upon by both parties does seem to scare off a lot of individuals. The reason being the thought of whether or not everything will work out or whether they’re choosing the right life partner or not.

This is why it is essential that you know some things regarding getting into an arranged marriage. This goes a long way in making you understand the whole concept of arranged marriage in a better way and help you in making the right decision to choose the right life partner.

Understand That it Takes Time

It’s essential that you know that the whole process of arranged marriage is a long drawn out and time taking process. Starting from seeking prospects to meeting them to at last discovering your match and then going ahead with them, the entire process is time-taking and calls for patience.

Know What You Truly Need

Prior to meeting your prospects, it’s essential to have a clear idea of what you are seeking and who you truly are. It’s equally important to know what you are precisely looking for in your life partner and what you can contribute to a marriage.

Rejections are Part of the Process

It goes without saying that not all you’ll will find you their right fit and you won’t be liking all. All these are utterly normal and okay. Getting rejected by someone doesn’t imply any less of you so assure not to let them take a toll on you. Rejecting you doesn’t imply that you aren’t desirable but implies that you are not what they’re seeking. And when it comes to saying no to a couple of prospects, ensure that you do so in a humble and respectful way.

Be Clear About the Expectations and Plans

Every individual has an idea of their expectations and plans ahead when it comes to marriage, and it’s not every time necessary that your expectations and future plans will match up with the other person. This is why it is advised that couples need to lay all their cards on the table. Be clear about the things you can compromise and what you can’t. Know from the start with all and go for the person with whom your future plans, expectations and wavelength are in sync the most.

Communication Will Play an Important Role

For any relationship, clear communication makes for a strong foundation. And considering arranged marriage, it is important at each step that you talk and listen in a lucid manner and with respect as communication isn’t all about talking and listening but the way you communicate with each other matters a lot.

Adjustment With Your In-laws to be

When it comes to arranged marriages, adjustment with your to be in-law’s is distinctive. For love marriages, both of them already know how their in-laws are. Indeed, meeting them and heading out is much more typical. This goes a long way in getting along with the in-laws for such couples. But it typically takes time, more adjustments and effort when it comes to arranged marriages.

If you believe you can adjust with your in-laws and the way they treat you is nice and you get along with them well, it is a sign that you can go ahead. Be mindful that you not just deal with your spouse but with your in-laws as well.

The First Year of Arranged Marriage Will be Different

The first year will be way too different from the first year of couples in love marriages. For couples who prefer arranged marriage, first-year into marriage will be more like a period of courtship in which you know each other’s self more, over time. It will call for more compromises, adjustments, efforts and more listening, speaking and learning.

A New Friends Circle

Marital union isn’t merely about two individuals tying the knot. When you do so, you marry into their families and their circle as well.

Even though you get to know your spouse more with time, you will get to know your spouse’s buds as well and hang out with them. So always be transparent and amicable.

Commitment and Perseverance

The entire process of looking for your match in conjunction with your family is full of uncertainties and qualms and can be exhausting and frustrating as well. For some people, it may take a couple of weeks and for others, it may take a couple of months. This is why you need to understand and believe all the while that ultimately it will happen to you when it’s time. Most importantly, you should remain calm and committed to discovering the perfect match.

Conflicts are Inevitable

Conflicts with your loved ones are bound to be a part of the process. Even if you don’t find someone as the right fit, your parents think that he/she is best for you. And if you may think of someone as the one, your best friends may not agree with you. Be prepared to face such disagreements and the sole means to get through them is through understanding, communication and care.

Compromising and Understanding

It goes without saying that even if you have some expectations and are clear, you also need to know that a person doesn’t have everything. This implies compromising and adjusting on some aspects, just as they also do. This is what relationships are about. Understand what can be compromised and what can’t and decide based on that, even before and after marriage.

Financial Compatibility

This is a million-dollar factor at present, and even more significant provided it’s not an arranged one. Through the term financial compatibility, it implies the financial stability needs to be compatible and flexible between you and your partner. It doesn’t imply you need to earn way too much better than your partner, or vice versa. It merely implies that finances need to equal and you and your partner need to be financially independent and secure. Certainly, after the wedding, you will be splitting costs however, it’s important to know your spouse’s financial compatibility.

These are the 11 things you should be mindful of before you delve into an arranged marriage. It’s amazing and exciting to know a person who is completely new to you. However, it turns easy if you have some diligence and be mindful of the aforementioned things before committing to something.